Lombok Waterfall Downhill

Had great fun cycling and exploring. I can recommend this! We covered a large area, saw lots of interesting things, were well cared for and lunch was delicious! Our guide went out of his way to make it an unforgettable journey

Javier - Spanish

Visiting Komodo Island

Visiting Komodo Island must be done through a tour company. This half day adventure trekking through the rain forest is very hot but informative. We walked about 1 1/2 hours. The guides were very interesting and offered many new facts that kept me engaged. For this unique experience I would recommend this as a one time event

Mark - Finland

Lombok Waterfall

We were seeing the cloud forest waterfall in real life and able to swim in it and explore it. It was a fairytale kind of waterfall. We got the waterfall to ourselves and went through all the waterfalls. It was truly spectacular and the best waterfalls we saw on our trip

Martin - Belgium